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Music in Writing: Compose Your Story

I was a double major in college--Creative Writing and Music. While my parents were not thrilled with my choices, I was, even though it happened by accident.

I wanted to be a singer. It was my goal from an early age. I was that child who would hold her hairbrush and sing for hours, dancing around the basement or my room pretending I was performing in front of crowds. The only odd thing was that I always envisioned myself on USO tours instead of huge stadiums. I wanted to live that iconic image of the Bob Hope show for the troops in war zones, otherwise the touring did not appeal to me.

So off I went to college with the hope of someday cutting a platinum album and going off to war to sing. I was young. It is my only defense. That and being a military brat.

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Why Writers Shouldn’t Follow Publishing Trends

Trends come and go. It’s not difficult to track them, particularly in publishing. Scan the new releases book shelf at your local book shop and read book blurbs. You will identify the trends.

Publishing news and book reviews are a good source too.

The information is out there. The problem is that the information is dated by the time it reaches would-be writers. The trend began when the writers sat down to write the books, years before.

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20 Ways to Research More Effectively

Twenty tips to strengthen your research and add more depth to your stories. Research is the key to details that bring your writing to life.

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Stories Read Aloud for Every Age

Reading is my hobby, my passion and my obsession. I am not afraid to admit that I collect (hoard) books and have more than 7,000 books in my house. They are in every room, in every corner. My husband fears for the structural integrity of our floors on higher levels. He is not wrong to do so. Books are heavy.

I cannot stop buying them. Each one offers such possibilities. Will they become a friend or a mentor? Will they disappoint, but teach me why that is? Will they linger on my shelves for years waiting for me to open them knowing I may never catch up with my stack of books to read.

My library is a source of pride, happiness and anticipation. It feeds me and sustains me. It gives me comfort.

I am an addict.

A book addict.

When I can’t read, I turn to audio books. I love to listen while I use the treadmill or go on long solo road trips. For those short jaunts about town, I turn to audio short stories.

The great news is that there are plenty of places to get audio files for free, here are some of my favorite:

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