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Start from the Heart

Somehow sitting down to plot a story always feel like an intellectual exercise. It’s a logical timeline of things that happen and the resultant consequences. But the trick to telling a good story does not come from the head—it comes from the heart.

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It’s About Story…Or Should Be

It’s all about story—or it should be. When books and movies fall apart it’s often because the story gets pushed to the background. It becomes secondary to other concerns, like action sequences, special effects, pushing an agenda, or…insert reason here.

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Top 40 Writing Tips

Being a writer requires a strong foundation in many things. It’s more than banging out a few lines and hitting post. Like any profession, there are basics every writer needs to master. Grammar is your foundation, but there’s so much more.

Story doesn’t rely on how to use a semicolon or the definition of a dangling participial phrase. It needs understanding and ideas that come from a broader education and perspective.

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My Writing Process: The Top 7 Things I Need to Know Before I Begin

There are basic details I need before I start any project. They determine how I begin and how I set up the piece. It also sets up my process, which I will discuss next week.

These are the top seven things I need before the first word is written:

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Being Productive on the Clock—2O Tips to Timed Writing

I know a lot of writers who excel when pressured by the clock. There’s something about crunching a deadline that spurs the creative juices.

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Top 10 Tips for Writing Scripts

Writing scripts is not like writing for the page. It takes a different set of skills. Here are my top tips if you want to write scripts for a living:

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Writing Scripts for a Living—How to Begin

The writing I contract the most is scriptwriting. I love the combination of writing with moving images and sound. Film and video expands what I am able to do on the page. Besides it’s fun to collaborate with a production team.

The challenge with writing scripts is that it requires a different approach than writing for the page. Sometimes formal grammar has to go out the window. This is writing for the ear, not the eye, which means you can get away with more. There are also challenges working with footage and designing a script that can be filmed in budget.

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Write Stronger

Strong writing requires strong verbs. That’s nothing new. It’s far better to say enraged than angry and exhausted rather than very tired. There are tons of articles about that on the net. What isn’t talked about as often is the ways we soften language.

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