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Introvert in the World

I am an introvert and I have the test results to prove it. Three sets of test results in all. That’s how many times I have the Myers-Briggs test and each time I have scored a consistent 49 (on a scale of 1-50) as an Introvert. It’s a fairly extreme condition, I’m afraid.

Essentially, I am a hermit. A writer who loves words, books, movies, fictional worlds, music and quiet. Blessed quiet. I crave it. I need it to stay sane.

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Stories to Share

We live on stories. They feed us. They inform us. We collect and share them along the way and in turn they make us who we are.

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Books that Changed My Life

As an avid reader, I hesitate to name the books that changed my life. I know I will leave something out…something obvious. But I am going to give this a go anyway.

Here are some of the books that taught me how to live:

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Exit, Pursued by Bear

Probably the most famous stage direction in theatrical history is William Shakespeare’s note to Antigonus in The Winter’s Tale to “exit, pursued by bear.” How does that relate to fiction?

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Curious Sign

I came across this sign on my walk and I, I took the more traveled road and that kept my feet dry.

Being Brave: My First Blog

Bravery is doing something even in the face of fear. I can’t say that blogging makes me afraid. It doesn’t. I love to write and have done so professionally for quite some time.

Blogging itself doesn’t scare me. I think it’s fun.

It’s the lack of privacy that scares me.

Sharing myself on a broad scale and being vulnerable is scary. Not the kind of fear I felt when bullfighting in Mexico (a long story and one that shows the desperate need to learn foreign languages, particularly the phrase “Don’t Move!”). Nor the fear I felt when hearing the doctor say the words “cancer” and “you” in the same sentence (I’m fine now, thanks for wondering).

This is a more visceral fear of being vulnerable and learning to trust. I suppose you could call it stage fright.

Regardless, here I am, folks. Taking the plunge. Want to meet me halfway? I promise honesty, sincerity and random thoughts. I will offer writing tips, book recommendations, word adoration, and some fandom geekery because I know I won’t be able to contain myself. It’s who I am.

Please be kind. Feel free to introduce yourselves. I would rather write to friends and will consider you all friends in any case, so you might as well become one. This is the only way this is going to work for me.

Tell me your story. It’s the quickest way to my heart.

Thanks for reading my first official blog. See you soon.