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Engaged Observation: How It Will Change Your Writing

The best writing transports us to another world, another life, another experience. The only way to reach this level of writing is to change the way you interact with the existing world.

So often we go through life focused on facts, our phones and our to-do lists and not the moments as they pass. We’re too busy looking ahead or behind to see what is. The sad fact is few of us are truly engaged in our lives. It’s one reason we are so often surprised by how quickly time has passed. Where did the summer go? It’s Christmas already?

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Things You Should Never Do As a Writer

There aren’t rules for being a writer. No requirements to get the job. No employer or client requires a certification, test or degree. But there are things every writer should avoid in order to be successful. Most of them are common sense, or perhaps common business sense. Others are industry specific.

Here are some of the top things you should never do as a professional writer.

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Top 15 Tips for Running a Successful Writing Business

No matter what you write, earning money from your writing means you are running a business. If you want to be serious about having a writing career, one that will allow you to pay your mortgage and eat, then you need to know what you are getting into and plan accordingly. Here are 15 tips for setting up a professional freelance writing business.

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Freelancing Is Business

Through the years, I’ve known a lot of people who were freelance writers. Some of them did it on the side and others wrote for a living. The big difference between the two groups was how they approached the work. The ones looking at it as extra money, typically didn’t approach it like a business. It was just a part-time gig that brought in a bit of extra cash. It was not how they paid the mortgage or put food on the table.

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Top 15 Tips for Working with Editors

Working with an editor is like any other business relationship. It requires professionalism and courtesy. Never forget that writing is a business. Just as you would hire a lawyer to negotiate your contracts, you need an editor to publish your work. They are there to partner with you to create something better.

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The Niche Myth: Or the Case for Writing Broadly

There are those in freelance writing who advocate (loudly, I might add) to choose a niche and stick to it if you want to make money. I get it. It’s easier to market yourself if you have a specialty. But being a freelance writer should be about more than the money. It should be about the writing. Choosing a niche is not always the best option.

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Write What Excites You

This blog had a variety of titles: Be you. Follow your heart, not trends. Write for more than the money. My problem picking one was because they all fit and boil down to the same thing: write what moves you. Write the story that keeps you up at night and won’t let go. Write the character who whispers in your ear. Write what intrigues you.

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Top 10 Things People Don’t Tell You About Being a Freelance Writer

Oh, the dreams are big. Quit your job. Write all day. Make a living in your PJs, working your own hours. It’s so romantic. So appealing. The image of the writer is part of why so many people want to embrace the life of a freelance writer or novelist.

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