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Write What Excites You

This blog had a variety of titles: Be you. Follow your heart, not trends. Write for more than the money. My problem picking one was because they all fit and boil down to the same thing: write what moves you. Write the story that keeps you up at night and won’t let go. Write the character who whispers in your ear. Write what intrigues you.

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Top 10 Things People Don’t Tell You About Being a Freelance Writer

Oh, the dreams are big. Quit your job. Write all day. Make a living in your PJs, working your own hours. It’s so romantic. So appealing. The image of the writer is part of why so many people want to embrace the life of a freelance writer or novelist.

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Give Ideas Time

Ideas are needy. They’re like flowers that cannot be rushed from seed to bloom. Like a flower needs good soil, sun, water and time, ideas need imagination, nourishment, and to exist in the real world on a page or screen. They also need time.

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Get Out of Your Head

Ideas are everywhere. If you doubt that, just tell someone you’re a writer and they’re sure to respond with their “great” idea for a novel. (That tendency may be why I rarely tell people what I do for a living, but that’s another blog for another day.)

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My Top 10 Truths About Writing

After so long in the industry, I have learned some overarching truths. Here are my top 10 lessons learned.

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