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The Five Phases of Big Picture Editing

Editing can be fun, but it also can be tough. It’s an emotional phase of the writing process that can batter a writer’s spirit. Not all of the time. There will be projects that are easy to write and edit, but I’m not talking about those projects today. Today I’m talking about those larger beasts that tear at a writer’s soul. The projects that make us question whether we can write and why we want to do this in the first place. Those projects are the ones that test our resolve to write.

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The Power of Three

You could argue that three is the most powerful number in the world. It is found throughout literature, music, and movies. It is the reason Mozart’s music, filled with major and minor thirds, soars. It is what governs photographic composition. And it forms the basis for most story structures.

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The Ups and Downs of Editing

Editing someone else’s work is always easier than editing your own. When I review someone’s manuscript, I can always see the flaws, the errors in grammar, the leaps in story logic, the stalled through line. It jumps out at me demanding attention and comment.

The same thing does not always happen in my own writing.

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Top 12 Writing Fails: Editing & Script Doctoring

In my business, I am not always the first call and I like it that way. Call me weird, but I love being called in to fix writing that isn’t working. Luckily, there always will be those clients who think they can write their own scripts, speeches and manuscripts. They think taking English classes in high school and college means is enough preparation, and sometimes it is. Then again, sometimes it is not.

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