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Happy New Year!

It’s been a long while since I posted anything. All I will offer in way of excuse is that life caught me by the pen and I got lost in the creative vortex. It happens. Time slips away when words fill the page. I won’t say I am sorry. It has been a wildly creative time for me and one I needed.

Lately, however, I have realized I need this blog as a cathartic experience and a way to give back.

I have been lucky in my writing life. I have made my living as a writer for my entire working life, since college. It is a rare thing, I know, especially as most of those years were spent independently as a freelancer doing client work and my own. It has been a good life.

This blog is my way of sharing what I have learned through the years so more of you can do what I do because writing for a living is a great way to spend your life.

Blogging my tricks, tips and truths, though, is not saying I know it all. Far from it. I am still learning even years and years after my first published piece. That’s part of the thrill of this field though: We get to learn constantly. It’s fantastic.

Look for blogs on a fairly regular basis in 2017. I won’t commit to a set-in-stone schedule because it’s not in my nature and I never know what my client calendar will bring. With that disclaimer out of the way, I do commit to posting at least two to three blogs per month. My goal is to eventually make it weekly, but we will see. If the writing vortex hits again, I will tumble into it and then all bets are off. Until then, I will do my best to rhapsodize about all things writing, reading and story.

Happy writing!